Drondy – about us

The drone and aerial filming market is expanding quickly all over the world. Thanks to drones, you are able to capture in remarkable ways your most memorable moments, such as weddings, summer adventures or events. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are more commonly and widely used for commercial purposes – from advertising developer projects, orthophotomaps, crop monitoring, to guarding property and checking condition systems or buildings.

Currently, finding a suitable drone pilot is associated with time-consuming search of websites and online forum. From the perspective of drone operators, offering their services is connected with many formalities and considerable expenses on advertising, just to stand out against growing competition.

Portal drondy.com was created to facilitate communication, as well as the process of searching and hiring drone pilots by individual customers or businesses interested in making use of services rendered in the area of aerial filming and photography.

For drone pilots

Drondy allows pilots to find customers and establish relationships with them. Moreover, non-professional pilots can start earning by using their own drone without the need to create a website and bear marketing cots. Registration takes only several minutes and is not associated with any additional costs. Through drondy.com profile, pilots can inform potential clients about their experience and possessed equipment and present their portfolio and offer.

For clients

Thanks to Drondy, both individual customers and companies can review pilot offers in terms of availability, scope of services and their prices, possessed equipment, and opinions about operators. At drondy.com customers can also become familiar with the portfolio of each pilot. As a result, customers will be able to find in one place a pilot who has the right equipment and skills to meet their individual needs. In addition, through the Platform, clients complete all formalities. Moreover, we ensure transaction security using only trusted service providers.